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Why buy a freestanding fan?


With a height-adjustable foot, the pedestal or standing fan is ideal for living rooms or larger rooms such as your reception or dining room. Thanks to its high power, its wide oscillation field and its great flow rate, it ensures efficient ventilation so you can feel refreshed all day long.

The pedestal fan is essential for when you want to enjoy fresh air even when temperatures rise during those long summer days. It has the advantage of cooling and ensuring the ventilation of the room in which it is placed and you can move it to the exact position you need, making it the ideal addition to your home. Equip yourself now with an efficient model of your choice for the next period of heat as you’ll be glad that you prepared in advance! Our wide selection of models can be effortlessly placed in all the places you want to chill including your: bedroom, living room, office, kitchen and more.


How does a pedestal fan work?


Ventilation is a particularly simple process. The ambient air in the room is stirred which creates movement and air flows. This air circulation causes the temperature to cool, which induces a feeling of freshness. The greater the volume of air is moved, the greater the feeling of freshness is. But this volume depends above all on the power and the size of the fan. It is therefore an element to take into account when choosing a fan. Also be aware that a fan is not an air conditioner and that its role is to cool, not to lower the temperature of a room.


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