4 Garden Tidying Tips
August 26, 2020

All good things come to an end and never is that truer (or sadder) than when it comes to summer. If you’ve got a garden, you’re probably going to try and get the last bit of summer sun in. But before you retreat back inside for the foreseeable future, why not give it a tidy in preparation for the autumn and winter months? That way, it’ll need minimal attention for next spring season. Here are a few tips to get your outside area ready for next year.


Weeding and Dead-Heading


Weeds. The back garden bane of most, are at their strongest in the height of the summer, when their seeds take well-established root. Keeping on top of your weeding now will stop them from propagating later, and tackling them in the summer months will mean the task of weeding will get smaller every year.


If you’re a fan of perennial plants you’ll want to stay on top of deheading as well. Pick off old, dying flowers, to let new growth take place. It’ll mean your plants that are always growing will continue to do so.


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Shrub and tree TLC


Prune these and other perennials back when their blooms are finished. Also, remember not to deadhead or fertilise anything that won’t survive the winter, as that isn’t the best season to encourage new growth.


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Clearing leaves


Leaves look best on trees, the ones on the ground tend to make an outdoor area look messy, particularly with all the storms we’ve been having. The leaves and other sundry debris the elements leave behind can be tackled the old school way, with a rake, or quicker with a leaf blower or vacuum.


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Garden storage


Table, chairs, toys, and more. The great summer garden party you’ve been having has probably left a fair few things strewn across your outdoor space. One of the simplest tidy tips is to try and put away as much as possible. Putting things to one side or investing in a storage box can spruce things up in a flash. Plus, they’ll be kept safe ready for next spring.


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