5 Garden Shed Ideas to Organise your Space
March 16, 2020

There’s something about a garden shed that just pulls in junk and mess like a black hole. Giving it a proper neatening-up and keeping it organised is hard work, but with a few additions and tweaks to your storage shed, you’ll be waltzing in and out without tripping over the lawnmower and rake and leaf blower and hoe.  

Unfortunately, before you start diving into pretty shed storage ideas, you have to clean it out. Take everything out of it and wipe down the walls and floors, freeing it from cobwebs. Then, throw out or donate anything you don’t use or that is broken. Once you’ve got that out of the way, you’re ready to makeover your storage shed into something Marie Kondo would be proud of.


So simple and yet so effective, shelves can make organisation a breeze. There are a couple of ways to go about shelving in a storage shed: you can either devote an entire wall to a large shelving unit, packing away all of your packable items, or you can add in a couple of shelves where they’re needed most.
Try putting shelves up high and storing those items that don’t need to be taken down very often.


Bike Rack

Get the bicycles out of the way by installing a bike rack. You can get some quick-to-install bike hooks to pop into the ceiling of your shed (as long as your storage shed is made to be altered) so you can get the bicycles off the ground and above, reclaiming precious floor space.  


Peg Board

There are tons of great shed storage ideas out there, but not one is as classic as the peg board in a garage or garden shed. Grab a peg board and organise your shed to perfection. Peg boards aren’t just for hanging up tools or garden tools: you can add items that are used often, add jars or cans of nails and screws, and add storage baskets to catch cleaning products and the like so that they don’t clutter your shelves or countertop.



You can use old kitchen or bathroom cabinets or buy some relatively cheap ones in order to organise absolutely everything. Label the cabinets so you don’t forget where you stashed things and to keep you from adding extras where they don’t belong. Bonus: cabinets will often come with a countertop that can help you organise even more, or act as a handy potting bench.


Designated Spaces

Make specified spaces for every item and keep it that way. By keeping your items organised into designated spots, you’ll make it easier to retrieve them when they’re most needed. Make spots just for gardening, spots for lawn maintenance, spots for tools, spots for everything. Put the things you use most often in front, and out-of-season items in the back so you don’t have to look behind the snow shovels for a garden hoe in the middle of July.