Camping Checklist: What You Need to Take for Your Staycation
June 21, 2021

What could be better than spending time in the great outdoors? The sun, the greenery, the fun, the barbecues… there’s lots to love, and of course you want to make the most of it. So it’s important to remember all the things to take camping! We’ve created a comprehensive camping checklist to make sure you have all the right camping equipment, so all you need to do once you’re there is have fun.

We’ve added all the gear you might need so don’t feel you have to take everything - simply pick and choose which bits you want to take.

What to take camping: The essentials at a glance

TIP: Remember not to leave your portable BBQ inside your tent - even several hours after use it can emit lethal carbon monoxide.

Our top picks

Your room for the night

Unless you’re Bear Grylls, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to be satisfied with just a tarpaulin stretched between two trees. Instead, you’re going to be looking for something a little more secure. We’ve got a great selection of tents, with space enough for two to six campers. The Pavillo Activeridge 4 Person Tent is great for those who just want to set up and go adventuring, whilst the Coleman Vale L is ideal for serious campers who don’t just camp, they set up a proper home from home. For little campers the VW Campervan Kids Pop-Up tent (available in red and blue) is great for summer days when you want the kids out of the house, with an adult version also available for those that have long loved this classic car.

A good night’s sleep will be reliant on having a cosy bed to sleep in. With any luck the day’s activities and exploring will help sleep come quickly, but for added comfort why not choose the Charles Bentley Self-Inflating Double Camping Mat? With two in-built pillows, this mat has everything you need for a soft bed on which to lay your head. Pile on the VW Campervan Double Sleeping Bag and you’ll have everything you need for the perfect night’s sleep – just don’t forget your eye mask to block out the early morning sun!

All the gear to impress your neighbours

Show your camping neighbours that you mean business by unpacking a range of camping gear which will make your stay extra easy. A camping chair is step one. You may be in the middle of the field but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay organised. This Storage Cupboard ensures that everything is at hand when you need it most, whilst this collapsible Camping Table makes al fresco dining easy and stylish. 


A torch is an essential tool when camping. This National Geographic Torch and World Clock, with alarm will let you keep track of the date, time and even temperature.


Ensuring you can play your tunes is another must-have for campers. This Soundz Portable Radio has Bluetooth connectivity so you can play music directly from your phone, and for assured music all weekend, trust in the long battery life of the AKAI Rechargeable DAB+ Radio.


Not all gadgets need to be advanced technology, however: sometimes the oldies are the best. The Stanley 12-in-1 Multi Tool has a tool for every job including pliers, wire cutters, saw, knife, bottle opener and screwdrivers. If technology is your thing then the Culinaire One Touch Opener will open tins with a single touch. 

Camping and barbecuing go together like fish and chips – it just makes sense! But rather than lugging a huge bit of kit with you, invest in a portable barbecue grill – the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 is the ultimate in convenience. Fuelled by gas, this grill provides the same great flavour of traditional barbecues but takes up less than half the space.  Or, if you’re on a tighter budget, the Flamemaster Portable Barrel Charcoal Barbecue is the way to go.