SodaStream helping to reduce plastic waste
October 16, 2020

The iconic retro sparkling water maker is back in our kitchens, with a new look and a new mission: to reduce plastic waste. You might remember SodaStream for your favourite flavour of sparkling drinks back in the day, made from the comfort of your own home. While they’ve retained that same taste, they’ve also made a positive impact on the environment.


Products for change


SodaStream’s CO2 carbonating cylinders (the accessory that makes the water fizzy) help to reduce harmful waste. That’s because they can be exchanged in our stores for money off a new cylinder. Old cylinders are shipped back to SodaStream HQ, where they are cleaned, inspected, and refilled with fresh CO2.  


The ‘My Only Bottle’ from Sodastream also lets you create your drink and take it, or any still water anywhere you go. Another great excuse to ditch single-use plastic.


Plastic waste progress


Between 2017-18 alone, SodaStreamers worldwide prevented over 6.3 billion plastic bottles and cans from polluting our environment. The green plans don’t stop there though, with the company planning to eliminate a staggering 67 million single-use plastic bottles by 2025. 

Already playing your environmentally friendly part for the planet? Or are you ready and raring to start? Shop for SodaStream products to play your part.